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Falcon 5/9

Specification: - 4800 PSI (320 BAR) @ 9 GALL/MIN

  • High specification machine powered by a slow running, 4 cyl Yanmar diesel engine for low noise and reliable operation.
  • 3 Teha BR1000 Boilers capable of temperatures of 95 degrees.
  • Pratissoli 3-piston pump driven by toothed belt, safety unloader system with standard dry shut gun.
  • Isolation valve for drain and tank cleaning.
  • 2 Inline safety valves to ensure operator safety.
  • 12v powered hose reel with hose guide, fitted with 60 metres of high pressure hose.


  • Turbo nozzle.
  • Standard and plough drain jets with leader hose
  • Tank cleaning head

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