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ARMEX® Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems, is industry's leading baking soda-based abrasive technology. Use to clean, depaint and degrease a wide variety of substances including ferrous metals, aluminum and other alloys, plastics and composites, masonry materials like brick, concrete and natural stone. ARMEX® is even gentle enough to use on glass without etching.

Architectural Cleaning

Fire Restoration


Salvage substrates by gently removing carbon, soot and smoke damage from stone, wood, glass and brick. Also good for mold remediation and assisting with deodorization.



Erase graffiti completely or strip one layer at a time without toxic chemicals.



Remove years of dirt, urban grime even paint from structural or masonry surfaces.

Monuments / Statues


Remove coatings, tarnish and corrosion from ornamental metals and statuary.

Industrial Maintenance

Food / Beverage


USDA approved for use as an A1 cleaner in food processing facilities. Made with food grade materials having a GRAS affirmation (Generally Recognized As Safe). Water soluble.

Petrochemical / Chemical


Clean or depaint storage tanks, piping, motors, pumps and around rotating equipment. Non-sparking, noncombustible, no pitting or peening on metal surfaces. Excellent for NDT/NDI.

Pulp & Paper


Clean or depaint headbox, dryer can heads, fan blades, idler rolls, around rotating equipment. Non-sparking, noncombustible, no pitting or peening on metal surfaces. Excellent for NDT/NDI. Water soluble and can act as a buffer in the waste stream.

Manufacturing / Remanufacturing

Aerospace & Automotive


Reduce cycle time by eliminating pre-wash, clean, degrease, depaint in one step. Water solubility allows for complete rinsing, minimizing media lodging concerns. No pitting or peening on the surface easily prepares metals for FPI testing. No substrate damage or distortion, even leaves hard anodized coating intact.

Mold Cleaning


Achieve thorough cleaning on a variety of surfaces removing release residues, carbon, and other soils while maintaining substrate integrity including textured surfaces and critical tolerances. Even cleans vent holes and screens. It is possible to clean hot molds saving valuable time.



Strip anti-fouling paint quickley and without damage to gel coat. Remove corrosion from metal handrails, preps and fittings. Restore faded teak and other trim. Clean grime and mineral deposits from any surface.

Printing Industry


Restore full cell volume and transfer value to anilox rolls from 200 to 800 line screen. Use on press or remove rolls to independent systems. Completely contained systems, for dust and waste collection.

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