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After Coolers

Compressed Air After Coolers

After coolers, air cooled compressed air conditioning is indispensable for ensuring fault-free performance of blasting and paint spraying equipment as well as for compressed air tools.

The after coolers cool the compressed air with atmospheric air. The air is cooled to approximately 10°C above ambient temperature. This causes the water vapor in the compressed air to condense. This is the only way it can be removed by the included separator.

The after coolers can be delivered with electric or pneumatic motors. Standard the coolers are delivered with separate steel plate legs on which the cooling block needs to be mounted.

Optionally the after coolers can be delivered on "low legs" or in a heavy duty transport frame (with wheels).

Furthermore the separator can be executed with an automatic drain. Also compressed air filters can be added to reach an even higher quality of compressed air.

Electric execution 12V DC

After cooler RA-20-E12V, (2.0 m³/min), 1" 020212V2
After cooler RA-30-E12V, (3.0 m³/min), 1½" 020212V6
Control and safety switch 020212V3

Electric execution 230V

After cooler RA-10-E, (1.0 m³/min), 1" 02020001
After cooler RA-20-E, (2.0 m³/min), 1" 02020002

Electric execution 400-440V

After cooler RA-30-E, (3.0 m³/min), 1½" 02020003
After cooler RA-40-E, (3.0 m³/min), 1½" 02020004
After cooler RA-65-E, (6.5 m³/min), 2" 02020006
After cooler RA-80-E, (8.0 m³/min), 2" 02020007
After cooler RA-120-E, (12.0 m³/min), 2" 02020008
After cooler RA-160-E, (16.0 m³/min), 2½" 02020009
After cooler RA-200-E, (20.0 m³/min), 3" 02020010
After cooler RA-250-E, (25.0 m³/min), 3" 02020011

Electric execution 230V

Surcharge 230V execution models 30 to 80 02OMBOUW

Pneumatic execution

After cooler RA-20-PN, (2.0 m³/min), 1" 02021002
After cooler RA-30-PN, (3.0 m³/min), 1½" 02021003
After cooler RA-40-PN, (4.0 m³/min), 1½" 02021004
After cooler RA-65-PN, (6.5 m³/min), 2" 02021006
After cooler RA-80-PN, (8.0 m³/min), 2" 02021007
After cooler RA-120-PN, (12.0 m³/min), 2" 02021008
After cooler RA-160-PN, (16.0 m³/min), 2½" 02021009
After cooler RA-200-PN, (20.0 m³/min), 3" 02021010
After cooler RA-250-PN, (25.0 m³/min), 3" 02021011

Automatic drain for Separator

Automatic drain for all models, AM-10 02045601

The mentioned capacities in m³/min are based on:

  • compressed air inlet temperature of 100°C
  • ambient temperature of 25°C
  • ΔT of 10°C
  • pressure of 7 bar

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