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The size of the blast pattern is determined by the form and diameter of the blast nozzle. With a large(r) nozzle diameter a large(r) surface can be blasted in less time. In order to keep a high level of control, small and delicate objects are best treated with a small diameter nozzle.

As the required amount of compressed air is determined by the nozzle and the blast-air pressure, the compressor must be able to (easily) cope with this requirement. In order to reach all the surface parts, the nozzle's form and length are important as well.

Water limits dust accumulation

The accumulation of dust can be prevented by adding water to the abrasive medium. By doing so, environmental inconvenience will be minimal.

Different wetblast attachments and nozzles are available.

Wear resistance

Depending on the hardness of the abrasive, the appropiate type of nozzle must be chosen to guarantee a long life-time and saving on costs.

The weight of the nozzle and i.e. a shock absorbing jacket might also influence the eventual choice.

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