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NOVA Blasting Helmet

Revolutionizing blasting helmet 'NOVA 2000'

Enjoy more comfort, less fatigue, better protection and improved productivity!

The NOVA 2000 blasting helmet has been designed by and for blasting professionals. Years of experience led to one of the most advanced blasting helmets available.

The NOVA 2000 sits snug on your head and turns when you turn your head, no need to look at the side of your helmet. The light weight pillow foam padding distributes the weight of the helmet evenly over the head . Gone is the top weight feeling. Optimum visibility without side glare and the unique tear off lenses save a lot of time.

The cape is attached with 8 snap lock domes and cannot fall off. With the internal pillow foam padding and a built in silencer foam in the breathing tube the NOVA 2000 must be the quietest helmet on the market.

Blasting helmet 'NOVA 2000' NV2000CE
Safety inner lens NV2018
Outer lens NV2031
Tear off lens NV2017
  • Air duct distribution system diffuses an even flow of breathing air throughout the helmet to cool your head and face, and prevents the lens from fogging.
  • Luxurious, lightweight pillow foam padding ensures the helmet always sits comfortably on your head. The padding is Velcro mounted and easily removed for hygienic cleaning.
  • Super tough helmet shell made of high density polyethylene, UV stabilized and characteristically abrasion resistant.
  • Large, double lens, optimum vision without irritating side glare. Unique tear off lenses that really work!
  • Keep a constant eye on your airflow with the low flow indicator. This device allows the wearer to check that the airflow is sufficient to provide the necessary respiratory protection.
  • Multi layered sound deadening foam. You'll enjoy wearing a helmet that reduces outside ear piercing noises to a minimum.
  • Strongly attached cape. Eight stud domes ensure the cape stays on. You won't experience the cape falling off.
  • Abrasion resistant cape cover band seals the cape and prevents abrasive from entering the helmet.
  • Snug detachable inner cape made of soft breathable fabric to allow air flow down your neck whilst maintaining positive pressure in the helmet to keep out contaminants.

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